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Crew 100A Log Book for February 12, 2011

Photos of the day

Commander's Check-In Report

Ivo Ferreira Reporting

Crew Physical Status: Good

Time Departed/Returned from EVA: N/a

Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results: N/a

EVA Data/Interpretations: N/a

Engineering/Hab Maintenance: Problems with Spirit already mentioned by previous crew. Problem with controller of celestron telescope. Problem one of the Habitat webcams.

Report Transmission Schedule: engineering, commander's.

Plans for Tomorrow: do trial EVAs, start will the first experiments, set-up schedule for the rest of our stay.

Inventory: None

Support Requested: N/a

Miscellaneous: Nn/a

Commander's Report

Ivo Ferreira Reporting

This is Crew 100A, sigining in.

This is our first day at the MDRS and it was an hectic one.

After our trip from Grand Junction we stopped by the Bull Mountain Market to pick up the food items.

We were received at the MDRS at about 1:30 pm by the other team which gave us a very detailed description of the MDRS regarding the power, safety, logistics, ATVs, space suits, Musk observatory, etc.

Romain is the Executive Officer which will help me organizing the team and setting the logistics necessary to schedule each experiment.

The Engineering team was defined (Kévin and Audrey) which will be responsible for the material, the engineering report and "keeping everything running".

Ayako is our medical and safety officer. Jeffrey is the chief support engineer which will help the engineering team, support some experiments and do some astronomy.

Crew 99 left us at around 4:15 pm after some trial ATV runs, and a short walk to a "Dino" site near-by.

We then received Dr. Marc Griofa which explained us, during 3:00 hours, everything we will need to know about the CASPER experiment related to sleep patterns. After that we made the inventory of the food items and cooked our first dinner.

We had a great first day at Mars!

P.S. - Sorry for the delay, I now know about the logistics and will deliver my report before 8 pm.

Journalist Report

Romain Benchenafi Reporting

Today the crew 100A  has made its first steps of inside the MDRS. In order to symbolize the replacement of the leaving crew, the commanders of each crew 99 an 100A have been shaking their hands in front of the Hab. Specific briefings have been given to ensure the well being of the habitat. Let's fun begin!