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Crew 100B Log Book for March 9, 2011

Photos of the day

Commander's Check-In Report

Balwant Rai Reporting

Physical Status: Excellent

Experiment Status: All the medical and our habitability began today with innovative results.

Time Departed/Returned from EVA: 4 EVA performed

The meals today were very delicious since it was a cooking day.

EVA’s: We completed four successful EVA.

Number Of reports: 3 science reports, 1 engineering report, 1 journalist report, 4 EVA reports and 1 chef report.

Plan for tomorrow:Will initiate Human machine interaction experiment again on all crew members. Interpretation of the Sun by means of the radio telescope will also commence. The study of the rover’s maneuverability as well as the potential use of the drone, weather pending, will take place. Two EVA’s will be performed for medical emergency. Tomorrow will be a non-cooking day.

Commander's Report

Balwant Rai Reporting

Today we started the day with medical experiments and our habitability experiment.

The crew’s medical health will continue to be monitored by our health and safety officer for the remainder of our stay here on Mars. Breakfast was OK. Our crew had their saliva samples taken (via Versi Sal 1 from Oasis Diagnostics), vital parameters monitored (via the Zephyr Bioharness), and their heart rate variability measured (via NERV Express 4.2 software). I also performed the cognitive study (via CogState Research software) on all crew members, as well.

Our crew scientist continued to work through problems with starting observations of the sun via the radio telescope. Four EVA were performed to sites of interest. Today is a cooking day. Our astronomer continued her experiments as well. Human machine interaction and Medical and astrobiological experiments will be taken into account. Also, the rover experiment and the radio telescope experiments will be performed.

Engineering Report

Matthieu Ansart Reporting


· Kitty (Diesel Generator) (Used? Yes/No): Yes

· Honey (Gas Generator) (Used? Yes/No): No

· Battery Charge Level: Checked by DG

o 10.59 V everstart

o 12.37 V armor plate

o 13.32 V green

Notes/Comments (include how many generator runs, approximately when, and any times you needed to turn the generator on/off):

1 generator run, all is good

Fuel Status:

· Diesel (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): full

· Propane Tank (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): 0.32

· Gasoline Tank (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): 1.5 container full



· Kitty Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Leave it to DG

· Honey Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Leave it to DG

· ATV Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): 6 quarts on the engineering work bench

· Car Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage):

Water Status:

· Outside Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): full

· Trailer Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): 2/3

· Hab Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): 12

· Potable Water Meter Reading: 432635

Notes/Comments :


· Condition of plants in Tank 1: green water

· Condition of plants in Tank 2: green plants and snails

· Condition of plants in Tank 3: green plants

· Greenhab notes/ comments:


· Telescope Used? (Yes/no) No

Observatory Notes:



· Used (yes/no): No

· Oil Checked (yes/no): No

· Tire Status: Not checked

· Odometer at end of day: 123973

· Notes/Comments on Hab Car:

ATV 1 (Opportunity):

· Used: Yes

· Oil Checked: no

· Fuel Consumed: Replaced

· Tire Status: ok

· Comments:

ATV 2 (Viking I):

· Used: Yes

· Oil Checked: no

· Fuel Consumed: Replaced

· Tire Status: ok

· Comments:

ATV 3 (Viking II):

· Used: Yes

· Oil Checked: no

· Fuel Consumed: Replaced

· Tire Status: ok

· Comments

Heating and Ventilation:

· Thermostat setting upstairs (Farenheit): 68

· Actual temperature upstairs (Farenheit): 72

· Thermostat setting downstairs (Farenheit): 55

· Actual temperature downstairs (Farenheit): 63

Computers/Networking Infrastructure:

Notes/comments on internet/computers?:

General Engineering

1. Notes/Comments:

Science Report

Rachel Dompnier Reporting

Today’s weather was nice enough to go out with the UAV and the Rover

enabling me to work on their cooperation in accomplishing their task.

Quentin was piloting the drone while Matthieu was dealing with the

Rover. Two missions were set up to find the right path to reach a

target through a labyrinth. The first consisted of the two operators

being in charge of their own system in the same room, communicating to

each other to

achieve the mission while they were separated for the second one,

forced to use radios to share information.

Some problems occurred because of the sun, causing Quentin

difficulty from

making seeing the difference between stones and the ground on the UAV’s


Although some difficulties, we are satisfied that this experiment has

achieved a part of the project on tele-operated systems.

Science Report (Biomedical)

Balwant Rai and Jasdeep Kaur reporting

Odorant identification based on solid phase in EVA Participants of

Mars Analogue Mission

Spaceflight causes adaptive changes in physiology that can have deleterious effects on astronauts. A journey to Mars will take months to complete and as such an appropriate exercise regime must be in place to ensure the Safety and productivity of the crew. To the best of my knowledge no evaluation has been made on the effect of simulated environment on retronasal gustatory involved in Mars analogue EVA activity. Six crew members were selected and seven herbal Indian spices were used for this experiment. But based on analysis of the two crew members questionnaire, it was found that, they could not identify these spices after EVA, it could be due to stress which can effect trigeminal.

Science Report (Oral Health)

Balwant Rai  and Jasdeep Kaur Reporting

Dentist on Mars

Current projected missions to Mars will require 18 to 24 months of exposure to microgravity conditions, which might have serious effects on human physiology, including that of the oral cavity. Very few studies ( Rai et al, Kaur)  have been published on the effect of microgravity on the oral cavity, although it has been reported that microgravity increases the prevalence of periodontitis, dental caries, bone loss and fracture in the jaw bone, pain, numbness in teeth, oral cavity tissue, salivary duct stones and oral cancer. Dental examination of all crew member were done.

 We found that plaque levels and bleeding from gum were increased since

the mission started. It might be due to stress and not using proper oral hygiene. Also TMJ opening was reduced for most of members due to stress.

EVA 33 Report

Quentin Bourges Reporting

EVA#33 09:40 am to 11:00 am

Crew members: Rachel Dompnier, Matthieu Ansart, Quentin Bourges

Location : Green hab and near by

Transit mode: Foot

Objective: Cooperation/Coordination with Rover and the UAV.

Results: At last, this morning’s experiment was a success as the

weather was quite mild. Thanks to walky-talkies, the UAV operator

managed to give directions to the Rover operator for crossing the

obstacle course.

Lesson learned: On the UAV, the angle of vision of the belly video

camera is very small, so you have to climb quite high to get a good

vision of the obstacle course.

EVA 34 Report

Jasdeep Kaur Reporting

EVA # 34, 11:00-13:15

Crew Members: Crystal lantham, Jasdeep Kaur, Balwant Rai

Transit Mode: ATV

Objectives: To look for different kinds of rocks.

Results: 3 crew members were selected. We chose an area just close to

Hab with rocky mountains, we could find different colors of rocks.

Lessons Learned: To carry some big zip bags to collect the samples.

EVA 35 Report

Crystal Latham Reporting

EVA #35: 15:33 - 16:53

Crew members: Matthieu Ansart, Quentin Bourgès, Crystal Latham, Rachel Dompnier

Location: To the East about 400 m away from the HAB

Transit mode: Foot

Objective: To take a panoramic picture of a specific location, as well as a 360° series of pictures of this specific area.

Results: We were able to successfully take these photos.

Lessons learned: Better air circulation is needed in the helmets for when it is very warm outside, and for when crew members are walking and moving around a lot.

EVA 36 Report

Matthieu Ansart Reporting

EVA #36, 5:00 to 6:00 pm

Crew Members: Matthieu Ansart, Quentin Bourges, Rachel Dompnier

Site Location: in the vicinity of the Hab

Transit Mode: ATV's

Objectives: Exploration of planet Mars.

Results: We increased our knowledge of the area around the Hab following the road.

Chef's Report

Quentin Bourges Reporting

1a) Today was a cooking day

1b) Was today a special day celebrated at the main meal with special food or activity? If so, what was special about today and what food(s) were prepared to mark the celebration?


2) List the foods served at today's main meal (usually the evening meal), giving full names of each.

Broccoli and Cheddar soup; Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies; Jell-o; vegetarian cutlets

3) List any main meal foods not finished by the crew (leftovers stored for later use or discarded)


4) Recipes for anything more complicated than following package directions exactly, or rehydrating.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: Recipe adapted from the Reduced Fat Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies from Joy of Cooking, 1997 edition, using sugar instead of corn syrup.


1.25 c all purpose flour

3/4 t baking soda

3/4 t baking powder

1/4 t salt.

Blend together until well combined:

1/4 c salad oil

2 T. unsalted shelf-stable butter

1 large egg (rehydrated equivalent from powder)

1 c brown sugar

1/3 c white sugar (was corn syrup in original recipe)

1 T milk (from rehydrated)

2.5 t. vanilla

Stir into the combined wet ingredients:

2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

1 c chocolate chips

Let mixture stand about 10 minutes. Stir in the flour mixture. Drop tablespoonfuls of dough onto a greased baking sheet 2.5" apart; flatten to 1/2" thick with wet fingers; bake at 375°F for 6-9 minutes, rotating sheet halfway through baking for even browning. Remove pan from oven and let cookies stand for 2 minutes before removing to a cooling rack

Vegetable cutlets: Approximate recipe

Ingredients: 2 c instant mashed potatoes, 2 to 2 1/3 c hot water (or enough to make slightly stiff mashed potatoes), 1/2 cup dehydrated or 3/4 c freeze-dried green peas, (rehydrated) 1 t dried onion, rehydrated, 2 T spinach flakes. To taste: coriander powder, garlic salt, cumin, and a pinch of ginger. Blend potatoes, peas and seasonings together. Add enough cornstarch to form a soft dough. Form the mixture into patties or cutlets and fry in 3-4 T oil in the frying pan over medium heat.

Instead of using cornstarch you can use 1 cup of fresh bread crumbs or small bread cubes. The potato mixture becomes fragile when heated; the cornstarch or bread keeps the vegetable patties from splitting and falling apart during frying.

5) Lessons learned (if any)


6) Comments/questions for Kim and Jean, the food study investigators


Journalist Report

Jasdeep Kaur Reporting

This morning, crew members really worked out with every effort to make the printer of Hab function, but could not succeed. Then after the scenario of our scheduled experiments started..

Today we planned EVA to look for some beautiful and different rocks on the mountains close to Hab. We also did a pedestrian EVA to get some samples to analyze. Crew was really happy to have another tank of water supply, so we could clear pending burden of dishes and other stuff. Every crew member is really working hard to make the most of this mission and to give the best possible results. 2 more EVAs were performed.

It was a cooking day and our chief chef BOB that is Quentin tried to make omelets out of powdered eggs, but could not succeed, so he just scrambled the mix and it was super liked by every one. Also evening was full of fun, Crystal was successful in making oven function well and make some really nice cookies and baked potatoes. Also, I made cutlets with potatoes, peas and corn starch.