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March 12, 2011 - March 26, 2011

Tommy CaillouetCommander
Jonathan KoshExecutive Officer
Christina GravesChief Scientist
Mitesh AgrawaBiologist & Radio Specialist
Christine RedmondJournalist & Health & Safety Officer

Cody Hall

Crew Engineer and Astronomer

Tommy Caillouet
is a fourth year Aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech. He was born and raised near Huntsville, Alabama, and somewhere between writing his first for-loop for an astronaut training program and seeing the Saturn V frequently, the space industry rubbed off on him to the point of inspiring a potential career. Tommy is also an avid builder of flying machines, an Eagle Scout, and a part time employee in the Georgia Tech Craft Center and occasional undergrad assistant at the Aerospace Systems Design Lab. His past activities have included participating in the AIAA Design Build Fly competition, Mars Society's University Rover Challenge, and the ongoing aspiration to build a steam powered car. In what spare time remains, Tommy enjoys playing soccer and following Arsenal FC, as well as cheering on the Yellow Jackets as a Goldfella. He hopes to eventually escape Georgia Tech and gravity.

Jonathan Kosh
is currently in his last year pursuing an undergraduate aerospace degree from Georgia Tech. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. After being introduced to the then nine planets and attending space camp in 3rd grade, Jonathan developed a passion for all things outer space. He very much wants to see science fiction become reality-namely in the form of orbital shipyards, permanent space colonies, and lunar mining facilities. Jonathan has previously worked at Tech's High Powered Electric Propulsion Laboratory designing and fabricating test apparatus. More recently he has co-oped at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, assisting in the assembly, integration, and testing of the propulsion system for the Mars Science Laboratory descent stage. On campus, Jonathan is an active brother in the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, building better men through commitment to living out the core values of culture, harmony, and friendship. On the side, Jonathan loves to read books (sci-fi and fantasy) and learn traditional style martial arts like wushu and kung-fu and has currently taken up a budding interest in astronomy and robotics.

is a senior in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech. She is a member of the Honors Program at Georgia Tech, and has research experience in prebiotic chemistry. She is currently conducting her senior research with Dr. Eric Gaucher, investigating the translational features and limitations human uricase. Her other research interests include the concomitant roles of dietary restriction and viral activity in the etiology of autoimmune disease. In her free time, she plays classical guitar.

Mitesh Agrawal
is a second year Biomedical Engineering student with a minor in Biology at Georgia Tech. He was born and raised in India and is an international student at Tech. His current research endeavors include study of embryonic stem cells and genetic engineering along with his interest in the study of extremophiles and astrobiology. Mitesh is an Undergraduate Petit Scholar for his research and also a member of iGEM(Georgia Tech's first synthetic biology team). He is also actively involved in the Georgia Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi - an engineering honors society. He is an avid reader and also loves to play tennis and racquetball. Mitesh is really excited about being selected for MDRS Crew 101 and hopes to gain a lot through this experience.

Christine Redmond is a freshman at Georgia Tech from Brighton, MI. She is studying Aerospace Engineering and is hoping to pursue a minor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Her interest in engineering was first sparked after watching the movie October Sky in the fourth grade. Competing in the Sally Ride Toy Challenge throughout middle school and spending a few weeks at Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama locked her heart on NASA. She has spent the past two summers at NASA's Goddard Space and Flight Center working in the Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing branches. She is extremely interested in developing and using resources on the moon to make life on earth better. She hopes to work for NASA after finishing her formal education.   

Cody Hall is an Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Set to graduate in Spring 2011, he hopes to get his MS in the same field. Before attending Georgia Tech, he received an Associate's degree in Physics from Middle Georgia College through the GAMES dual-enrollment program. He spent two years alternating semesters between work and school, co-oping with Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, AL. Cody loves college football, playing video games with friends, and calls the GT library home. He hopes to play a part in the first human colonization of another planet.