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Crew 104 Log Book for May 3, 2011

Photos of the day

Commander's Check-In Report

Jon Clarke Reporting

Crew Physical Status: tired but good, apart from one crew member with a cold.

Time Departed/Returned from EVA: Out 9:30 am to drilling site, returned 6:45 pm

Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:  Successfully drilled two holes with the Milwaukee drill.

EVA Data/Interpretations: Drilling in sandstones is most successful, followed by siltstones.  Mudstones, shales and gypsum are much more difficult.

Engineering/Hab Maintenance:  Water delivered - we can wash tonight!

Report Transmission Schedule:  Engineering and Commander's report coming up.

Plans for Tomorrow:  Surface sampling, wrapping up lab work.

Inventory:  N/A

Support Requested: None

Miscellaneous: None

Commander's Report

Jon Clarke Reporting

Today we wrapped up our drilling.  We drilled two holes in fine-grained white sandstone bearing carbonate concretions along Cow Dung Road using the off the shelf Milwaukee diamond drill.  In minutes this drilled what the automated MARTE drill took hours, even days to core.  Of course the Milwaulkee drill was much more high powered and used water to cool the bit and remove cuttings.  A challenge for future planetary drill designers is to design drilling devices that offer Milwaukee-level performance without using water.

While the "field rats" were busy with the ri, the "lab rats" were working on their samples.  Luisa has stared getting the first PCR results from the DNA extraction, although it is too early to interpret the results. Julio also has been successful, and has been able to detect low levels of organic samples even in the highly oxidized Morrison Formation at the 20-40 ppm level.

We are tired but happy.

We have two days left before four of our crew have to leave  Tomorrow we will finish up the surface sampling and lab processing programs of our crew.

Engineering Report

David Willson Reporting


Kitty (Used? Yes/No): Used Continuously and not stopped

Honey (Diesel Generator) (Used? Yes/No): Not Used

Wendy (Gas Generator) (Used? Yes/No): Not Used

Battery Charge Level: Not Checked

Notes/Comments (include how many generator runs, approximately when, and any times you needed to turn the generator on/off):

Generator operating very well continuously and not stopped

Fuel Status:

Diesel (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): 18% in Tank

Propane Tank (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): 30%

Gasoline Tank (Full/0.75/0.5/0.25/Empty): N/A



Kitty Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Full

Honey Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Still requires changing

ATV Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Not Checked

Car Oil Quantity (# of Quarts in storage): Not Checked

Water Status:

Outside Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): 100 % full

Trailer Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): 12 inches

Hab Potable Water Tank Level (inches from bottom): 16%

Potable Water Meter Reading: 465531

In to GreenHab Meter Reading: N/A

Notes/Comments: Green Hab not operational but water is being recycled. We have used a lot of water.


Condition of plants in Tank 1: 5%

Condition of plants in Tank 2: Full

Condition of plants in Tank 3: 15% Full

Greenhab Notes/Comments: Green house not used


Telescope Used? (Yes/No): NO

Observatory Notes/Comments:


Hab Car (NOT RENTAL): Operating

Used (yes/no): NO

Oil Checked (yes/no):

Tire Status:

Odometer at end of day:

Notes/Comments on Hab Car:

ATV 1 (Opportunity): Operating

Used: y/n Yes

Oil Checked: y/n Yes

Fuel Consumed: 20 min

Tire Status: Pumped

Comments: The motor is over-reving & replaced pull cord

ATV 2 (Spirit):

Used: y/n Yes

Oil Checked: y/n Yes

Fuel Consumed: 20 minutes

Tire Status: Pumped

Comments: The auto transmission has trouble changing gear.

ATV 3 (Viking I) (Blue one):

Used: y/n NO

Oil Checked: y/n

Fuel Consumed:

Tire Status:


ATV 4 (Viking II):

Used: y/n No

Oil Checked: y/n OK

Fuel Consumed: Full

Tire Status: Pumped

Comments: Not operational. both battery links lost. Motor has trouble starting. Cannot get spark plug out.

Heating and Ventilation:

Thermostat setting upstairs (Farenheit): A/C not operating 75 degrees F

Actual temperature upstairs (Farenheit): 75 degrees F

Thermostat setting downstairs (Farenheit): 74 degrees F

Actual temperature downstairs (Farenheit):

Computers/Networking Infrastructure: Operating although sloww

Notes/comments on internet/computers?: All OK

General Engineering Notes/Comments: