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January 1, 2011 - January 15, 2011

Marcos PalharesCommander
Ana Catarina Avila Vitorino Mission Support/Astronomy Studies
Monique Pessanha
Crew Environmental Manager 
Hermério Almeida Jr. Mission Support/ Geology Studies
Lucas Freitas Executive Officer/Astronomy Specialist

Marcos Roberto Palhares has a degree in engineering production and post-graduate degree in marketing management. Throughout his life, he has completed several courses in the area of negotiation, something he considers his greatest talent.

But when it comes to hobby, it was in the field of aerospace that he has sought to improve himself. At age 15, he held a course of astrophysics in Sao Paulo. Later, a course held at NASA Astronaut, where he met several professionals, including American and Russian astronauts. Currently, the only one Brazilian astronaut, Mr. Marcos Cesar Pontes is your partner in a company called Aventuras Incriveis, responsible for selling programs for military and aerospace experiences.

Marcos Roberto Palhares was also the first Brazilian tourists to fly into the stratosphere aboard a MIG-29 jet and writes on issues aerospace materials that are published on your website. At MDRS, it will be the first Brazilian commander of a mission at the research station, also composed by young talents of a course in astrophysics.

Marcos Roberto Palhares also owns several other companies in Brazil, including an online marketing company, the company Be Seen on the Web. With his accumulated experience, he takes time to work for a poor neighborhood in his city, acting as lead communicator.

Ana Catarina Avila Vitorino is a 15-years-old high school student. She studies in the Rui Barbosa municipal school, in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. She is a member of the astronomy clubs Astrocaf and Louis Cruls. She met Astronomy on the NASA Cassini – Scientist for a Day Contest, and nowadays pretends to work on this area. On the moment, she’s getting prepared for her first scientific Olympics.

Monique Barreto Pessanha is 15 years old. She studies at the State School Desembargador Álvaro Ferreira Pinto, and in 2012 will study the Fluminense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, on the city Campos dosGoytacazes, Brazil. She met astronomy by her Physics teacher at school, and nowadays she is a member of the Louis Cruls astronomy club. She is deeply interested in Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.


Hermerio dos Santos Almeida Junior is 17 years old. He is a high school student at the Fluminense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, on the city Campos dosGoytacazes, Brazil. He studies on the Astronomy and Astronautics School. He is a member of the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club, and along with other members of this club he took a trip to the European Observatories on Chile ALMA and VLT, on 2011.

Lucas de Souza Freitas is 18 years old. He is a student of Mechatronics on the Fluminense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology,on the city of Campos dosGoytacazes, Brazil. His interest on Astronomy started with his participation on astronomy metings promoted by the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club, on which he is a member nowadays.

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