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February 25, 2012 - March 10, 2012


Balwant Rai

Thomas Quemin

Executive Officer 
Wouter Poos

Crew Geologist 
Jasdeep Kaur

Health and Safety Officer
Yannick Wable Rover Engineer

Pierrick Darneaux

Chief Engineer 

Dr. Balwant Rai, Crew Commander and  Medical Physician; Assoc. Professor (Dr) Balwant Rai is the founder of curriculum aeronautical (2006) and space Dentistry and JBR group association of space and aeronautical dentistry (2006). He is Program Director and Associate Professor of Aeronautic Dentistry at KSU.  He is working as Researcher, VU, Amsterdam.  He is also consultants and adviser of different companies. He is also the President and Founder of the JBR Institute of Health Education Research and Technology. Dr Rai has more than 100 published articles in international and national journals, has written seven books, and is Editor-in-Chief of four international journals. Recently, he wrote a first hand book on space and aeronautical dentistry.  He is also founder of the BR formula and BR regression equation used in forensic technology. His current work involves the effect of micro-gravity on the oral cavity, human physiology and psychology and non-invasive biomarkers, including the elaboration of technologies to prevent the adverse effects of microgravity on the human physiology including oral cavity. His biography has been published in Who’s Who in Health and Medicine and Who’s Who in the World, USA. He is invited Editor of Mars Quarterly. He is an invited reviewer to NRF, South Africa, reviewer of more than 10 different journals, and has seven pending patents. He is an invited reviewer of many national and international indexed journals. He was selected as part of Crew 78, Crew (Health and Safety Officer) and appointed as Commander for 100 B and Commander 114 crew.  He is examiner of different undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different universities. He is principal investigator cum researcher on a project entitled “simulated micro-gravity and human factors including oral cavity: non invasive technology”. Dr Rai is working with different space related research projects and has been an invited judge for different space related programs. He has a strong belief in leaving a mark on space programs using non-invasive diagnostic technologies.




Thomas Quemin, Executive officer, 23 year-old cadet officer and a second-year aeronautical engineer student at the French Air Force Academy based in salon de provence (in the south of France). Entered the academy in the aircrew branch in 2010. The French Air Force Academy is not only a flying school but also an officers school and an aeronautical engineering school. He obtained his High School Diploma (French baccalaureate) with advanced mathematique and engineering science (obtained with honours) in 2007. Then he entered the Air Force Wards School (school specializing in preparing pupils to take Grandes Écoles entrance exams) in 2007 and passed the competitive exam of the French Air Force Academy. He speaks English, and a bit of German. He worked together with Alexandre Richard and Nicolas Pourquier (Crew 113) on "routine operational."





Wouter Poos, Crew Geologist; has been born and raised in the Netherlands. He has just completed his Master's degree in geology, specializing in sedimentology. His Master thesis consisted of flume experiments on the stability of upper flow bedforms. The Mars-related work he did during his Bachelor-thesis was about an experimental study on box-canyon formation on Mars and a research internship at ESA-ESTEC about Martian chaotic terrains.Wouter Poos has been a member of the Dutch youth association for Astronomy (JWG) since he was seven but was already crazy about space before that. In his free time Wouter Poos enjoys Astronomy and playing board games.


Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, Health and Safety officer; has recently been awarded the Henry Thortson Award in Las Vegas U.S. for her achievements and outstanding research work by Dentsply. She had presented her research at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in February 2009. She was also invited to present her work at various European schools. She is also the chief of the JBR Institute of Health Education Research and Technology. Kaur is Editor in Chief of two Journals. She has more than fifty published articles in international and national journals and published three books. She is co-author of world’s first book of Space and Aeronautical dentistry. Dr. Kaur has six patents (pending) based on her research studies. She is currently working on the effect of microgravity on the human body. She was health and safety officer of Crew 100B in 2011. She is currently pursuing a Phd in Europe. Her current work involves detection of the diagnostic markers of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions and effect of micro-gravity on the human physiology and psychology.

Yannick Wable, Rover Engineer; is 22 year-old and a second year cadet officer at the French Air Force Academy. He obtained his High School Diploma (French Baccalaureate) with advanced Science (obtained with honours) in 2007. Then entered the Lycée Militaire d’Aix-en-Provence in 2007, where he studied for the competitive exam of the French Air Force Academy. He passed the competitive exam in 2010 and is am now a first year master student in the security and defense department.

His aim during this mission is to study the Rover and particularly to make studies about its autonomy. Moreover, he would like to establish different maps of the zone where the Rover is used thanks to a UAV, to see if the use of a UAV could improve the efficiency of the Rover missions. Finally, he would like to study the efficiency of the mission if we give advice to the Rover operator directly from the earth, with all the delays that is caused by the distance.


Pierrick Darneaux, Chief Engineer; is a 23 year-old cadet at the French Air Force Academy. He obtained his Baccalaureat with advanced Science (obtained with honours) in 2006. The he entered in the Lorient's Prep school to pass a competitive exam in 2010. He is now a first year master student in the science department. Studying ergonomics, his aim during the mission will be to discover how to improve communications between crew and how to improve the use of a rover.