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January 1, 2011 - January 15, 2011

Matthew Miller
Jenny Downing
Executive Officer
Jackie Alexander
Crew Geologist / HSO
Lisa Thornsberry
Chief Scientist
Graham Kosiba
Kyle Yawn
Chief Engineer 

Matthew Miller is a 5th year Aerospace Engineering undergraduate at Georgia Tech.  He has participated in an array of aerospace related ventures spanning from the AIAA Design/Build/Fly, private aerospace consulting, to academic undergraduate research.   As Theodore von Kármán once said, "Engineers create the world that has never been." Ever since standing under the Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center in grade school, Matthew has had the desire to contribute to the construction of the next generation of human space flight unlike anything the world has ever seen.



Jenny Dowling is a 5th year aerospace engineering major and is excited to be graduating in the spring of 2012! She will be continuing with graduate school after graduation for a MS in aerospace engineering. After attending space camp for the first time in elementary school she enjoyed it so much that she returned two more times for space academy and advanced space academy in Huntsville, AL. She co-oped at NASA Kennedy Space Center in the expendable launch vehicles fluids and propulsion group with a rotation into the shuttle environmental control and life support systems group. She was also a Propulsion Academy intern this past summer at Marshall Space Flight Center. She is the vice president of Georgia Tech’s AIAA chapter and is an avid swing dancer and treasurer of Georgia Tech Dance Association.  She is really excited to be a part of the MDRS 115 crew!

With hopes of one day being an astronaut, Jacqueline Alexander applied to Georgia Tech and successfully entered the class of 2014 to major in aerospace engineering. She is on scholarship through Naval ROTC, and a member of Mars Society, and African American Student Union (AASU). She is very interested in aviation and astronomy. An interesting fact about her: As part of training with the US Navy, she flew a T-34C (the first plane students at flight school learn to fly), lived on a US Submarine for a week, navigated a US Navy ship, and spent a week with the Marines over the summer. Jackie grew up as a military brat. She was born in Savannah, Georgia and has lived in Hawaii; Columbus, Georgia; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Seoul, South Korea; and Vienna, Virginia. In her free time, Jackie likes to play the piano, work-out, and socialize on facebook.

Lisa Thornsberry is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a minor in Spanish at Georgia Institute of Technology.  She grew up in the Atlanta area in Milton, Georgia. Lisa became interested in human space flight after living in Houston, Texas during the summer of 2011, where she had the opportunity to tour Johnson Space Center and attend several presentations by astronauts. Lisa is involved in several campus organizations and is president of Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Experience (MOVE), Georgia Tech’s largest community service organization. Lisa is an active member of Buckhead Church.

Graham Kosiba is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech.  Graham was born in Gainesville, GA.  Graham has always had an unquenchable thirst for science and learning.  Space has always been a source of passion and true wonder for Graham.  Like so many, Graham grew up claiming to become an astronaut, he is still steadfast in his claim.  On campus Graham is the Vice President of the Planetary Society at Georgia Tech and a member of the Glee Club.  As a co-op student Graham alternates school and work semesters for GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH.  Outside of academia Graham enjoys longboarding, listening to and playing music, and climbing trees.  Graham is looking forward to this research opportunity immensely and can’t wait to ship out to Mars.


Kyle Yawn is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He is also pursuing a minor in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering.  Born and raised in Bonaire, GA, Kyle was given a passion for human spaceflight in middle school thanks to a wonderful teacher.  Through the International Science and Engineering Fair as well as the Team America Rocketry Challenge and the Student Launch Initiative in  middle school and high school, Kyle was able to gain valuable experience early in scientific and engineering processes which made him that much more passionate about spaceflight.  He has spend the better part of the past two years working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Johnson Space Center covering a variety of roles from exploring methods to remove lunar dust from space suits, designing and certifying hardware for use on the International Space Station, developing an atmospheric processing module to produce methane from the Martian atmosphere, as well as supporting real time maintenance operations on board the International Space Station.  Kyle believes that humanity must remain focused on human space exploration and that the Earth has incredible benefits waiting when we begin traveling outside of low Earth orbit once again.  He plans on working for NASA upon graduation.


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