Personal Equipment Lists

These lists are suggested equipment for each Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) crewmember. Click on one of the four links below for specific details as to what you should consider bringing for your tour of duty. 
The MDRS is located in the plateau country near Hanksville, Utah. The weather can range from pleasant to unpleasant, depending on the season. In the early spring and spring, temperatures may drop to below freezing (20°F or approx. -5°C, especially early in the morning) and rise to very pleasant levels (60°F or approx +15°C on some afternoons). The air is usually very dry, but it may snow, sleet or rain. Winds can peak to 50 kts and windchill is an important factor to consider. The area can be muddy in places during the rainy season (October through March). Late spring and summer are usually quite hot and dry (100°F or approx. 37°C), and afternoon thunderstorms are common in the highlands. Flash floods are a potential hazard, and field workers should familiarize themselves with basic desert safety.
  • ATV = "All-Terrain Vehicle", i.e., 4-wheeled motorbikes or "quads"
  • EVA = Extra-Vehicular Activity (field work in simulation)
  • Power (110 V AC, 60 Hz) should be available at all times
  • Food & Cooked Meals, cooking utensils, dishes and eating utensils will be provided
LAN Information

If possible, bring your personal laptop. Beware, the environment is dusty and hardware will suffer (MDRS is not a airtight structure). Power to recharge laptops will be available to all, but batteries are highly recommended since the generator used for power-supply may cut out unexpectedly. 

Connection to the MDRS LAN (local area network) is possible and, usually, straightforward. 
All Windows computers MUST have anti-virus software (AVG, a free solution, is recommended) installed. No Windows machines without protection will be allowed on the network. Computers to be networked must be equipped with a standard Ethernet card (PCMCIA is typical for laptops); 10/100 Base T is preferred. 

From the hub on the wall above the desks there are RJ45 jacks to connect your laptop.
NOTE: laptops use power and quite a bit of it, so do not keep them running if you do not need them. Power is scarce at the Hab


All crewmembers should bring the batteries (rechargeable or not) they will need. NOTE please remove them from the MDRS once the batteries are no longer to be used, and for disposing of the batteries in an environmentally sound way and in accordance with all applicable laws. 


There is a normal flush toilet at the MDRS which uses recycled water from the GreenHab. All other systems use fresh potable (drinkable) water. 
The toilet waste line ends in the sceptic tank, use ONLY the toilet paper provided. 
NO wet wipes in the toilet and certainly NO SANITARY bandages or NO TAMPONS in the toilet! 

NOTE: NOTHING you bring can stay at the HAB, unless you have very explicit permission of the Mission Director (which may be given on an item-by-item basis)!

photo credit: Nadav Neuhaus