Clothing to Bring

In the list of items below:

"Required" designates equipment/gear that each field team member MUST bring along. In some cases, a spare is required. "Required" equipment is considered bare-bones minimum. You should have this equipment in order to be properly prepared for your rotation at the MDRS.

"Recommended" designates equipment/gear that each field team member is strongly advised to bring along. These are items that are not required but are likely to make your life A LOT more pleasant.

"Optional" designates additional suggested equipment/gear. This is equipment that you should bring along if you think you will enjoy having it.

ClothingFor 15-daysRequiredBring at least one change of warm clothing (heavy sweater, fleece, long pants, long/thermal underwear) as the Utah high-desert can be cool at night. Most people wear long pants & long-sleeve t-shirt in the EVA suits to keep them from chafing their skin.
UnderclothingFor 15-daysOptionalThere are no laundry facilities at MDRS; but space is also limited so consider wearing underclothing for at least a couple of days.
Socks15 pairsRequiredIf you want to wear a clean pair of socks daily. It gets dirty out here quickly. Bring at least one or two pairs of tall socks - the boots supplied with the space suits are rubber and may chafe.
Hat (knit cap, watch cap, fleece hat)1Strongly recommendedThe EVA helmets are more comfortable with a skull-cap type of hat, particularly one that can be secured in place. The caps supplied at MDRS are standard knit caps. Also good for warming up on a cool night.
Baseball cap or other personal hat1OptionalGreat for keeping your head out of the sun when outside off sim.
Hiking Boots1 PairStrongly recommendedSturdy, leather types recommended. The supplied boots come in limited sizes (Men's sizes 7 to 12). You may need to wear your personal boots on EVA.
Waterproof jacket or windbreaker1RecommendedImportant for night-time activity in the high-desert
Slippers/birks/sandals1 PairStrongly recommendedTo reduce dust, outdoor footwear is not worn in the living space (level 2) of MDRS.