Other Items

In the list of items below:

"Required" designates equipment/gear that each field team member MUST bring along. In some cases, a spare is required. "Required" equipment is considered bare-bones minimum. You should have this equipment in order to be properly prepared for your rotation at the MDRS.

"Recommended" designates equipment/gear that each field team member is strongly advised to bring along. These are items that are not required but are likely to make your life A LOT more pleasant.

"Optional" designates additional suggested equipment/gear. This is equipment that you should bring along if you think you will enjoy having it.

Reading materialsAs neededOptionalBooks, magazines, etc. Textbooks related to your field of work are a good idea, especially if you can bring them and leave them at the MDRS.
MoviesAs neededOptionalNOTE: MDRS doesn't have a DVD player- DVDs are usually watched from a crewmember's laptop hooked up to a spare monitor.
Audio CDs, tapes, personal playerAs neededOptionalMDRS has a stereo system with audio CD and tape players. Bring a good case to protect from dust.
Other fun stuffAs neededOptionalCrewmembers should consider bringing something they might like to do as ahobby in their spare (?) time at MDRS, like a (portable)musical instrument, an artwork kit, exercise gear, games, videogames, etc.
Specialty FoodsNot AllowedNot AllowedThis season MDRS is running a food study in which all foods - meals, snacks, drinks - are all supplied. Please do not bring ANY food or drink to MDRS including chewing gum or breath mints. If you have dietary restrictions which have not yet been discussed with your crew commander or the food study investigators, please notify the food study investigators immediately: Kim Binsted and Jean Hunter can be contacted at binsted "at" hawaii "dot" edu and jbh5 "at" cornell "dot edu respectively. Be sure to Cc: your crew commander.
Alcoholic beveragesNot AllowedNot AllowedAlcoholic beverages are not compatible with the food study nor with the rules of conduct for NASA spacecraft and ground habitability testing facilities. Please do not bring them to MDRS.