Field Gear

In the list of items below:

"Required" designates equipment/gear that each field team member MUST bring along. In some cases, a spare is required. "Required" equipment is considered bare-bones minimum. You should have this equipment in order to be properly prepared for your rotation at the MDRS.

"Recommended" designates equipment/gear that each field team member is strongly advised to bring along. These are items that are not required but are likely to make your life A LOT more pleasant.

"Optional" designates additional suggested equipment/gear. This is equipment that you should bring along if you think you will enjoy having it.

Utility knife (like a Victorinox "Swiss Army"), Leatherman or Gerber tool1Strongly recommendedVery handy for doing Hab repairs and field work
Rock Hammer1OptionalRocks in area are mostly "soft" so a standard sedimentary pick/hammer ("mason's tool") should suffice; the Hab has one sledge
Handlens1Recommended10X, for close examination of hand-specimens in the lab. The hab has 2 handlenses.
Brunton1OptionalFor the level and clinometer functions
Personal GPS1RecommendedIf you have it, bring it. MDRS data recorded in UTM Zone 12 North Northings/Eastings; Know how to use the GPS; bring spare batteries. The hab has 2 units.
Field Book, pens1RecommendedWaterproof recommended. Fisher, the maker of the space pen, is an official sponsor of the Mars Society. Space pens are excellent for field work
Topographic MapsAs neededOptionalMDRS has one or two copies of local (Skyline Rim Quad) Topo maps at 1:24,000. Detailed mapping may require additional maps at better scales; check on-line with the USGS for information. The maps in the hab are getting beaten and old.
Camera/Digital camera1RecommendedIf you have it, bring it. Digital images can be downloaded to the MDRS computer- bring cables or diskettes as needed. Bring film, spare/rechargeable batteries, charger, a good case and lens care kit (recommended). It is very difficult to take pictures with a regular camera through the helmet of the space suits. The hab has 2 digital cameras.
Canned Air37258OptionalThis is great for cleaning cameras and other personal equipment in the field and in the Hab.
Camcorder1OptionalThose allowing digital stills are very useful. Be sure to bring enough tape, batteries/charger, cables.
Tripod1OptionalBring a sturdy tripod for field work- the desert can be windy.
Photo scale1OptionalHandy for taking field photos
Bungie Cords1OptionalFor securing items on ATVs. MDRS has a limited supply.
Foam paddingAs neededOptionalIf you need to transport delicate equipment on ATVs, be sure to bringadequate padding for the ATV baggage rack. Unpadded equipmentand gear take severe beatings on rides.
Personal Laptop Computer1Strongly RecommendedStrongly recommended. MDRS has one computer, and one laptop. Additional seats are always helpful. Bring all necessary peripherals (cables, mouse, AC power adapter, power-strip w/internal circuit breaker, etc.). Bring addition network cable. Note LAN information below. Some staterooms have network and internet access; others do not.