New Location Observatory - Analysis

1. We performed two EVAs in sim to assess the location of the new observatory, measured and photographed off sim during the day
2. Analysed and photographed the sites at night 

Date: 02 May 2012

  Location 1Location 2 Location 3
 Coordinates NAD 27 12 S 0518256/ UTM 425074112 S 0518267/ UTM 425075212 S 0518318/ UTM 4250823 
 Coordinates geographical Lat 38 24' 23"/Long 110 47' 29" Lat 38 24' 24"/ Long 110 47' 30" Lat 38 24' 23" / Long 110 47' 31"
 Elevation (measured @ground level)    1374 m 1374 m 1378 m

This is higher up on a very nice slope. DG reckons that underneath is stone. (That would be awesome for the pier wouldn't it?)
 Distance from the Hab
(sitting at the desk on Level 1)    
 28 m 43 m 131 m
 Security    proximity to the hab
  • Surveillance cameras placed in this location would cover the entire area (gulf) of MDRS;
  • DG's comments (3/05): "if anyone wants to vandalise the place they will do it anyway, if we are going to move the observatory let's at least chose a location we really like".
  •  At night time there is a clear path to the observatory and much safer to walk than the current location (especially hard to walk back from current location) 
Distance to the main access road     same as hab     same as hab 264 m walking E in a straight line 
 Panoramio Pictures
(click on the link to see)
  • Had a chat with DG this afternoon (02/05) - he came at the hab and showed him around: he reckons that the cabling will not affect the power used at the observatory.
 Network     3 lines     3 lines  2 lines
Hab from Location 1

 Light pollution lots from the hab

Note that the pictures were taken with different zoom that is why they look different.
 lots from the hab    

Note that the pictures were taken with different zoom
 barely there

Pics taken with different zoom - same location
 Light pollution pictures 
 Horizon         Hab coveres up to 4 degrees above horizon     Hab covers up to 3 degrees above horizon Horizon 1 degree 
 Solar Garden     no space no space for solar garden unless is put at the back of the observatory  Solar garden already there - some rocks in the front of the location are circular and can be rearranged nicely
  • 6 likes from my entire crew
  • Jon Rask (he also saw it during night time)
  • DG too thought it was a great spot
Other comments
  • For location 1 & 2 observatory is too much in the way of everything else 
  • Too close to the sewage / recycling etc

  • Looks very spacey and awesome
  • Esthetically looks better (everyone agreed on that). 
  • if we wish to operate the telescope from inside the hab then it would make sense to have it a bit further 

Crew Members: Commander Crew 118, First Officer
Transit Mode: foot
Objectives: To assess the new location of the astronomical observatory